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My interview on "How I Vim"


Recently, I wrote one blog entry which is an interview from How I Vim, also mattn and Shougo wrote. It has a little bit too large amount of information because I wrote about various things, of what I haven't written even in Japanese, too. I think vim-jp has done a lot of surprising works so I just wrote them simply. I hope the entry become what I supposed to.

Additionally, I limited things in the entry to things which encourage someone who read my entry to move to the next action (for example, Vim Advent Calendar 2012 continues all year around! even it is "Advent Calendar", though :) ). Of course that is surprising thing. But that only makes readers think "huh, it seems there are certain crazy people in Japan." :) And it makes no actions from themselves. Instead, I felt that I should write things which influence various people not only Vimmers. Like: "huh, should we do the same thing in our community?" , "well, I understand the reason. So should we do this way instead?"

However, Thanks everyone for reviewing my English, Kevin, and vim-jp members :) (I have sent to members who I wrote about in my entry because I felt each description for the members should be reviewed by themselves) For me, I started to read various English blog entries, and translated Japanese Vim help following the interview. I appreciate Kevin influences me to move to the next action.